Way down We go

Fun fact; I am actually terrified of water. Hate it. Hate it with a fiery burning passion. Pools? ok fine. But lakes, rivers, and especially the ocean, absolutely horrify me. 

So why do so many of my visions revolve around water? 

Honestly, great question. Why do I keep signing myself up to go wade through elements that give me hives of fear. The truth is, the beauty and power of water is unmatched by any other backdrop. It can be dramatic, romantic, and powerful. It can be dark, and whimsical, and intimate. I can bring couples, singles, and athletes all to the same location and get iconic images as a result...because of water. My visions revolve around trying to give water so many different personality traits. I have done dramatic, I have done powerful, this session wanted to emphasize how water can also be intimate and romantic. A liquid blanket around a couple in a riverbed. 

Do you feel the romance?

Catherine and Dom have been married for just nearly a year, and I actually was the photographer for their wedding. When brainstorming who to use for this vision, I needed a couple that would not only be willing to wade through freezing water that you can't see the bottom of, but also a couple who would understand the creative side of the vision. A couple who knew this session wasn't about poses and smiles...but about embracing and FEELING. I wanted you to physically see the love that was felt by the people in the picture, which is honestly so. hard. to. do. 

But they crushed it. Both creatives themselves, they understood the task. But is it really a task if you have so much love between you that it is impossible not to see in whatever you do? Camera in front of them or not, Catherine and Dom's love has broken the strictly emotional barrier of love, and have accomplished something that some couples never do; physical love. Thank you both of you for letting me capture it... again ;)