Photography isn't always just about capturing the memory for me. Sometimes, I enjoy actually CREATING the moment myself. Over the past two years, I have allowed myself to tap into my more creative side of my eye for photography and began model calls for what I now call "vision sessions." I create these sessions from scratch. I chose location, hair style, location, date, poses, and time. The design of these sessions was entirely in my hands! I have included dramatic landscapes, epic hair and makeup, and even famous movie inspirations. These sessions reflect the personal photographer in me, and bring me SO. MUCH. JOY. 

I always have a standing model call for vision sessions when I feel ready to bring one to life. Couples, portraits, athletes, EVERYONE has the opportunity to be a part of my next vision. These sessions are FREE to those who participate. My only requirement to join my model call list is to have previously invested in a session with me. To know how well you would fit with a vision, I need to first know YOU! :)

Scroll below to learn more about past visions, and get a sneak peek at upcoming ones!

Ok. Fun fact...I am a hopeless romantic. I also think my soul lives in the wrong time period because I am an absolute SUCKER for old movies. Pride and Prejudice may just be my forever favorite classic, and I have ALWAYS wanted to do a session inspired by it. One of the final scenes in the iconic movie, where Mr. Darcy and Lizzy are both walking before the sun rises in the morning to each other makes me cry every. single. time. 

Meghan and Justin brought this vision to life PERFECTLY. They met me before the birds were even awake at the most random location. We watched as the fog settled and gave us the most beautiful backdrop. One of my favorite galleries HANDS DOWN.






JULY, 2020

I know, right? My jaw was on the floor from the moment I saw the location, throughout the session, and during the entire editing process. Anyone else see an epic book cover or just me?

I found this location while on a hike in the Twin Cities, and just KNEW I needed to bring a vision model here. This picture is exactly what I saw in my head, down to the very flow of her dress. I have more ideas for this location...but it takes a brave soul to venture out to directly next to these powerful waters.


Thank you, Samantha, for this image. WOWOWOWOW. 




Having been a gymnast for 22 years of my life, I have SO many vision sessions for athletes. These ladies absolutely crushed this one perfectly. 

I remember being told, truthfully, one million times that I had "bad lines" as a gymnast. My ribs would stick out in my handstands, and it gave my coaches grey hairs in both club and college. I wanted to break the lines in this vision. Instead of perfect straight legs, posed hands, pointed feet, or even hair in the perfect bun, I wanted abstract. 

message: you don't need to be perfect to be beautiful.


WATERFALL (but with a couple :)  )

AUGUST, 2020

OH LOOK! Another waterfall!!! Yea. I think they are epic. Do you blame me?? It helps that the Twin Cities are FULL of them.  I wanted this session to be intimate with a background so powerful. I envisioned focusing on the closeness of the couple, the individual movements instead of the poses. Maneuvering around something so intimidating takes a connection and trust that only a couple could portray. 

I hope you are able to see the focus on the connection in these images. I personally want them all framed in my house...but that's creepy to have someone else's feet in my home right. One day I will make my husband do this session with me HA. 

I can't begin to explain what joy these sessions bring to me. Getting the opportunity to express my more creative side with my passion is incredible. The people who have helped me create these visions are THE LITERAL BEST. I am so excited for the upcoming vision sessions in the works. As my confidence in my skills grow, so does my creativity to what I can do with it. :)

Stay tuned for more visions coming soon that may more may not include some color powder, some sand, and of course, more waterfalls ;)