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sign up for dance mini day with RNS

Let's capture what you love to do most. 

my favorite days are dance mini days, and I am so excited for another year of photographing the talented athletes of Minnesota. Winter Mini sessions are indoors at a studio, so no matter the weather...Minnesota snow or hail, the show will go on for your photos! Spring and summer mini days are planned outdoors with an indoor location backup. Spots are limited, and slots are given on a first come first claim basis. 


The details:

session slots are twenty minutes in length for one dancer and one outfit. While dancers are more than welcome to come with poses in mind, I am more than happy to offer suggestions and inspiration! Session galleries are typically 40 to 60 edited and retouched images. Summer minis are $350. To add outfits or dancers in a slot, please message me at 


Every session is a mini vision session

Want to be a part of a vision session? YOU CAN BE!! Even mini sessions are visions for me. If you want help deciding on what to wear and what poses to do, I am more than happy to offer my opinion and suggestion! 

As with every vision, I am more than happy to help select your entire look. Once your session is booked, the lines of communication are open. Feel free to send me pictures of outfits you are deciding between or hairstyles you are considering and I am thrilled to offer my ideas. 


I am so excited to see who gets behind my lens this time around. 
Let's capture something epic, shall we?


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